Terms and conditions

SC Fatai Style SRL strive to maintain the correctness of the informations displayed on this site, www.fatai-style.com.


However, considering possible errors about this informations, SC Fatai Style SRL states that the products images are informative and the delivered products may differ from the images due to the changing characteristics (eg: colors seen on the monitor may differ from the ones in reality).

Also, some features or the prices of the product presented on www.fatai-style.com may be modified by SC Fatai Style SRL without any notice before or can contain operating errors. At the same time, because of the limited space and the structure of the information, sometimes the products descriptions may be incomplete, but SC Fatai Style SRL is making efforts to present the most relevant informations and to answer to your requests about the detailes as soon as possible.

The promotions/the offers presented on www.fatai-style.com are limited.

In this document, the following terms wrote with capital letters will have the meanings specified below (unless the context doesn’t express something else):

USER: represents the person who is accessing www.fatai-style.com in private or business purposes and who accepted the conditions of use of this site, fulfilling all the requirements of the registration process.

CLIENT: represents the person who is accessing the site in private or business purposes and who accepted the conditions of use of this site, fulfilling all the requirements of the registration process and which initiates and completes an order.

MISUSE: represents the use of the site ina contrary way with the industry practice, the regulations and the legislation or in any other way that may cause harm to

SC Fatai Style SRL.

ORDER: represents an electronic document, generated as a result of accessing the site www.fatai-style.com by a client, which comes as a form of communication between the company and the client.

CONTRACT: represents an order confirmed by SC Fatai Style SRL, through which SC Fatai Style SRL agrees to deliver to the client the product and the services and the client agrees to pay for it.

USERS/CUSTOMERS of this site are asked to read carefully the terms and conditions of use.

The terms and the conditions deemed to be the minimum conditions and to the use of this site applies all the law articles from this domain.

The terms and the conditions of use can be modified any time by updating this site. This changes become mandatory with immediate effect for all the users/clients.

By accesing this site, the users agree to the terms and conditions and legislation listed.

The website www.fatai-style.com and all the items/products presented are protected by law for copyright protection. The use of any item/product from this site without our agreement will be punished in accordance with the law in force.

As a result of the legislation, the online store has no responsibility regarding the following issues:

We reserve the right to make any changes to these terms and conditiond and any changes to the site, without to notice the users/customer before.


For any questions and difficulties in processing your order we will contact you by phone or email.